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# 3 ;; Kinda Master List of Past Fics.

"Kinda" because these are only the ones that I like/generated the most responses.

Help Me 'Cause I'm Breaking Down
Rated: R/M
Completed with 16 chapters
Ginny suffers through so much in her sixth year, and who’s there to help her pick herself up? No one… for now.

If I Was The One
Rated: PG-13
One-Shot, Song-Fic
If I Was The One Loving You, The Only Tears You’d Cry Would Be Tears Of Joy

I Get What I Want
Rated: PG-13
One-Shot, Song-Fic
Ginny’s over her boyfriend’s cheating ways. So, she breaks into his and his side flame’s apartment, where she proceeds to have fun.

Rated: R
One-Shot, Song-Fic
He’s like a drug. Drawing her back repeatedly with his aristocratic beauty. Tempting her, teasing her. Luring her in for another fix. She knows he’ll hurt her once more in the end. But she can’t help it. She’s addicted.

The Thrill
Rated: PG-13
LONG One-Shot
Ginny’s been called forth by Aurors Tonks and Shacklebolt in attempts to find out what happened with Draco Malfoy, the man Ginny had been assigned to hunt down.

Relieve The Tension
Rated: NC-17! Do Not Read If Underaged!
“I’m married, Draco!” She exclaimed, flashing her wedding ring in Draco’s face. ... “Then why do you come back almost every other night, Ginevra?” He questioned, grinning at her as he watched her scramble for what was left of her clothes.

Until The End Of Time
Rated: R
Work In Progress
They had a relationship 5 years ago, that resulted in Ginny becoming pregnant. When she tried to tell Draco, she was turned away like she was his past whore. Now he’s back in her life as a business partner in her restaurant, and refusing to leave Ginny and their child alone, much to her dismay.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep
Haley James Scott
Rated: PG
My baby’s gone. Even thinking those words, standing here of all places, reading the tiny marker in the cold, hard ground… it’s hard to process. How does one deal with that?
Tags: book: hp, char: haley james, misc: master list, ship: draco/ginny, show: oth
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